Saturday, November 3, 2007


We've taken the first step in the adoption process. Given the complete balls-up of our first cycle I'm really not optimistic about our second. Already, I've encountered the wonderful hell of double-speak with our favourite FN.

Fertility Nurse : Your estrogen levels are perfect and low.
Me : Low and perfect. Is that good?
Fertility Nurse : They're low.
Me : Right. Is that a good thing?
Fertility Nurse : Inserted prescriptive "there,'s all fine, don't fret" line.

Blood test tomorrow. I expect estrogen to be low. Not sure if its still perfect.

Anyway, adoption. An "Expression of Interest" is a really stupid way of putting it. I feel like Ive just put out a tender for a baby. That doesn't feel good. Anyway, we dutifully completed our "Expression of Interest". I can't imagine what I'll say to a child we do adopt who asks about the process... (...."Well love, we put in an Expression of Interest....and 5 years later you arrived"....).
....Really, I actually don't have any serious requirements or exclusionary criteria for an adopted child. We debated a little about cardiac conditions and then noted "if not life threatening, will accept". Mr B kept trying to correct all the grammatical errors in our application. He's hoping our good grammar covers up his age. He's now 39 - much too old for most adoption programs! I'm 29 and don't yet quality for China (joy).

I had no idea anyone was reading this blog by the way. I really don't have a clue how these things work :)

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JJ said...

Best of luck with the whole process!