Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It's All Just Black Stuff Inside

Day 5 of FSH - nada. Felt a bit pukey on one occasion but that settled down. Keep pokin the ovaries - nada. First scan is in 2 days - who knows what's going on down there. E2 levels on Monday were perfect but low. Whatever. It actually takes too much energy to think about it at the moment so I'm just taking as it comes with a very resigned and probably pessimistic attitude.

I'm also getting a little superstitious. I work two part-time jobs and every time I'm at one job I get rotten news. Maybe its superstitious but I've decided not to go to work on Friday following the scan. Can't hurt - might help.

Feel really buggered at the moment. No energy or zest. Mr B misses the vim. I miss it too.

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